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Transforming the way leaders work, think and behave. 


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Become Masters of Performance

Are you interested in leaders who generate dramatically improved levels of performance in your organization? Are you looking to take your leadership and the leadership of others to the next level? Is your organizational leadership facing challenges that they have little to no idea how to get beyond?

If your answer to any of those questions is yes, then JMW’s groundbreaking program The Leader of the Future® is for you and your staff. This four-week residential program delivered over nine months has been described by many participants as “career-changing and life-changing” and one of the most valuable and lasting learning experiences of their careers. Participants take away new ways of thinking and new approaches to performance challenges so that results defying historical precedents are produced.

The Leader of the Future® challenges participants to commit to deliver extraordinary results in the context of their current work and accountabilities. As part of the program, participants develop and deliver a breakthrough project during the program. This enables them to put their learning to practice in a live environment. Participants deliver results that represent a 4 to 10 times return on their investment of time and program fees.  A recent survey of over 2,000 participants showed that more than 60% of the graduates of program reported generating over $2 million in value for their organizations from these projects.

This combination of performance principles and application helps participants develop new capabilities that not only lead to dramatic, sustainable results, but also create new possibilities for the future of their organization.

Graduates share the powerful impact of the program
Pam Ramotowski, Vice President, Human Resources at Seven Generations Energy Ltd. speaks about the power of JMW's Leadership Development offerings.

Ideal Candidates are:

Executives and senior-level managers who are key to the future of their organizations. This includes those already accountable for generating new levels of performance and results, as well as candidates for the next generation of senior leadership.

You will take away the ability to:

  • See new possibilities within yourself and others not previously recognized
  • Commit to extraordinary objectives, even when the path to delivery is unclear
  • Produce unprecedented results individually and through others
  • Directly affect and dramatically improve performance throughout the organization—with measurable and sustainable results
  • Identify and resolve personnel/team issues that previously seemed immovable
  • Engage people effectively and mobilize them to act
  • Anticipate, communicate and resolve problems and setbacks
  • Develop and maintain an environment of open communication and constructive dialogue
  • Take effective action in the face of uncertain circumstances
And so much more!

60% of graduates generated over $2m in business value from their leadership projects

99% elevated their ability to influence and engage others


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Program Dates and Registration


North America Program

The Leader of the Future® is typically delivered in four week-long residential sessions over the course of nine months. 

2020 Session Dates

Monday, April 20 – Thursday, April 23
Monday, June 15 – Thursday, June 18
Monday, August 17 – Thursday, August 20
Monday, September 28 – Thursday, October 1
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Asia-Pacific Program

The Leader of the Future® is typically delivered in four week-long residential sessions over the course of nine months.

2020 Session Dates

Monday, February 10 – Thursday, February 13
Monday, May 11 – Thursday, May 14
Monday, July 27 – Thursday, July 30
Monday, October 19 – Thursday, October 22
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Praise for The Leader of the Future® program


"JMW is like the finishing school of leadership. One that provides people with access to extraordinary leadership, which then gives the extraordinary financial and broader business results that I am looking for. JMW enabled us to get to a different type of business result beyond what was originally thought possible. Results on the financial statements, results for my people and their potential, and all the other balanced scorecard elements of our performance.”

Mike Bennetts
CEO of the YearDeloitte Top 200
Z Energy

Tom Knudson Bristow Group Chairman

"If you believe that there is an outcome that’s possible for your organization that’s significantly better than anyone else believes possible, JMW will give you the tools, the techniques, and the understanding to create the possibility for that to happen and how to empower your organization to go get it."

Tom Knudson
Bristow Group Chairman

“Unlike other programs which contain endless content, this program has retrained the way I think to the point I cannot recognize my previous self. ”
Marc Pringle
GM Strategic Change