JMW’s Consultants and clients share their thoughts on some of the challenges faced by today’s leaders.

5 Essential Leadership Capabilities That Impact Results

Many of us view leadership as critical to the performance of any organization. But what are the specific leadership capabilities that are key to impacting and elevating the results produced in an...

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The Route to Real Engagement

I once had the privilege of working with Dan Yankelovich, acclaimed social scientist and father of modern opinion polling and market research, to collaborate with a shared client who had become...

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How to bust the organisational culture myth

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Culture is much more than “the way we do things around here”. It’s unique to the fabric of each organisation. Companies that have created extraordinary...

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Elevating Execution Capability

One of the key issues that comes up in our conversations with senior executives over the past 30 years is how to improve execution capability. The question we get asked time and again is: What...

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Positioning Midstream companies for success

Companies that connect producers of hydrocarbons with refineries, petrochemical plants and other markets that comprise the Midstream segment are facing ever-increasing pressure to sustain their...

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Performance in a Challenging Environment

The energy industry is under enormous pressure. Several companies have already responded by announcing significant cuts to their capital expenditure. While cost-cutting no doubt offers a short-term...

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Is Your Organization “Globally-Minded”? Five Areas To Pay Attention To

It’s widely acknowledged and accepted that language, the means by which managers and leaders get their jobs done, is more than just words. Language - speaking and listening - encompasses a world...

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Nothing’s Proprietary, Anything’s Preventable: Safety Culture

I’ve been working with a group of people who are literally in the trenches, constructing a multi-billion-dollar mine in a rural Canadian province. The massive project is run by a leading global...

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State-Owned Enterprises Under Pressure: Leading to Transformation

There was a time when tough market pressures to perform and deliver results were a hallmark of privately owned businesses. We have reflected on this in recent years, as some of the most daunting...

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Delivering Sustainable Performance Interventions

Why do many interventions designed to make a sustainable impact on performance have a limited shelf life?

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