JMW’s Consultants and clients share their thoughts on some of the challenges faced by today’s leaders.

Project Delivery and Partnership – Uncharted Territory

Imagine the following scenario. You’ve spent many months pulling together a clear, fully-vetted contract with detailed expectations and all terms have been cross-referenced by internal and...

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Collaborating To Confront Water Scarcity: 5 Things To Know

Whether it's working together across organizations, communities, or regions, collaboration is becoming essential to the viability of a multitude of efforts globally, including the water industry....

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Three key capabilities to ensure successful collaboration

Collaborations are growing at an exponential rate throughout the global corporate landscape. Whether it’s working together across functions, or different organizations coming together to deliver a...

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Alliance Competence: Key Capabilities for Success

The formulation of alliances and partnerships is a global trend that is growing at an exponential rate. In the United States, alliances now account for 18% of the revenue of Fortune 1,000...

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Cooperation Can Be Bought, but Collaboration is Priceless

What is priceless about collaboration – and why are people talking about it?

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Collaboration: No Payment Required

When you consider monumental achievements in which people have come together in an unprecedented way, one common thread is that it didn’t happen because they were paid to come together. It happened...

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The 3 Myths of Alignment

Alignment is one of those elusive and appealing states for business people. It sounds great; “If we were aligned, things would go much smoother.” “We used to be aligned, now it just seems...

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Collaboration: Why People Opt In

If you accept our premise that collaboration can’t be bought, but it can be inspired, that begs the question: How?

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Collaboration: People and Performance at Their Best

In a recent and much publicised report, Sir Ian Wood lays out a bold strategy for the monumental task of maximising the economic recovery from the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). In what he describes as...

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