JMW’s Consultants and clients share their thoughts on some of the challenges faced by today’s leaders.

Premod Varghese

As a senior leader of JMW’s consulting practice, Premod Varghese works with executives, managers, teams, and organizations to develop new and sustainable pathways to high performance and to achieve unprecedented targets.
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Recent Posts

Being “Fit for Risk”

When business leaders speak about risk, the conversation inevitably focuses on how to avoid as much of it as possible. This gives rise to countless ways of measuring, prioritizing, and mitigating...

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Elevating Execution Capability

One of the key issues that comes up in our conversations with senior executives over the past 30 years is how to improve execution capability. The question we get asked time and again is: What...

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Differentiating and Generating Value: A Business Leader’s Challenge

Lately, we’ve been hearing our clients talk more and more about value differentiation. Often, these discussions are theoretical or abstract, and we’re committed to making this idea of value...

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Delivering Sustainable Performance Interventions

Why do many interventions designed to make a sustainable impact on performance have a limited shelf life?

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Cost Management Initiatives – Ensuring Success

Recently re-published in LINKAGE magazine

During periods of market instability and global recession, the area companies most often put their attention on is cost management - whether that’s to...

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