JMW’s Consultants and clients share their thoughts on some of the challenges faced by today’s leaders.

Lainie Heneghan

As a Senior Consultant, Lainie Heneghan works with leaders, executive teams, and organizations in the public and private sectors. Lainie has over 20 years experience developing leaders to deliver extraordinary results both for their organizations and the communities in which they work.
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Recent Posts

The Readiness Gap

Making the Transition from Reliable, Competent Manager, to Courageous, Creative Leader

As organizations take stock of their talent pipelines after years of economic recession, many are beginning to...

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The Reluctant Leader

Originally published in European CEO magazine

What is a reluctant leader?

The concept emerges from a set of realities - chief among them, a growing leadership gap. According to a recent study of...

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Radical Listening: Less Talk, More Leadership

If you are a business leader who needs to influence  a broad and diverse set of stakeholders, consider this: The way you listen is just as important  as the way you speak, perhaps even more so....

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