JMW’s Consultants and clients share their thoughts on some of the challenges faced by today’s leaders.

Elizabeth Dorey

As a Senior Associate at JMW, Elizabeth Dorey has over 15 years of experience taking the lead on a variety of senior-level client engagements and programs. Elizabeth is expert at successfully delivering large capital projects by elevating performance and overcoming specific obstacles. Her primary focus centers on complex team alignment, strategy implementation and executive coaching. Clients credit Elizabeth with being a strategic thinker, delivery-focused and with the unique ability to enable people to operate from and invent a new context and deliver powerful results.
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Don’t want to be left behind? Become a better leader – all the time.

So, you’ve made it to the top of your organization. There’s an incredible sense of accomplishment when you’re recognized for your talent and track record. Indeed, you may think you have what it...

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Want To Lock In Project Success? Lead Your People There

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The challenges being taken on by the water industry right now run a full gamut, from highly technical to logistically expansive and financially daunting....

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Call To Action For Water Stakeholders: Collaborate

Well-intentioned leaders and organizations from the water industry have rolled up their sleeves, redoubling their efforts to develop new technologies and processes. And while this is a good thing,...

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Project Performance Demystified: The Five Project Phases and How to Master Them

Have you ever wondered why there are times your management style works brilliantly—reliably delivering projects to plan—and other times it simply doesn’t? In this article, Elizabeth Dorey...

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Oil And Water: Lessons For The Water Industry From Oil And Gas

as published in, December 2016

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