JMW’s Consultants and clients share their thoughts on some of the challenges faced by today’s leaders.

Doug Fisher

As a Senior Associate with JMW, Doug Fisher has over 20 years experience working with leaders from some of the world’s most successful companies in Europe, the United States and beyond.
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Recent Posts

5 Essential Leadership Capabilities That Impact Results

Many of us view leadership as critical to the performance of any organization. But what are the specific leadership capabilities that are key to impacting and elevating the results produced in an...

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Get Set for 2019 Part 2: Dealing with what didn’t get done

In part two of our three-part series on completion, Doug and Elyse walk you through how to identify and intervene in the stories and interpretations of what didn’t get done from this past year.

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Get Set for 2019 Part 1: Creating Room

In part one of this three-part film series on powerfully completing 2018, learn how to complete what didn't get done this year so you can create the room and space you need to plan for the future. 

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Setting up your project for success

Learn the four simple steps to take before embarking on a project that will generate a step change in performance. 

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Leadership - it's all about the future

A common view of leaders is that they are the people who have assumed a certain position – the manager, the executive, the elected official.  Being part of this community, you know that’s not the...

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2017: Déjà vu or something new?

There are a lot of great newsletters and blog posts out there about making a powerful start to 2017.  Most contain information that will make a difference in setting you up well for the new year....

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Want to go into 2017 without limits? Read this.

Here is a key question for you as a leader: 

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Executives in Transition: Opportunity for Reinvention

Recently I have spoken with several executives in the midst of a transition. This has included people entering into an expanded role in their existing organization, taking a role in a new...

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Not Getting it All Done? A Radical Approach

When working with a large IT function of a major government organization recently, a frequent complaint was the overwhelming amount of work to be done with not enough people and not enough time to...

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I'm an addict (and so are you)

Do you ever find it hard to focus on and accomplish the things of greatest importance? You’re not the only one – our ability to focus is under attack and we are losing the battle.

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