JMW’s Consultants and clients share their thoughts on some of the challenges faced by today’s leaders.

Bob Dantowitz

As one of JMW’s senior-most consultants, Bob Dantowitz has been working with the world’s leading companies for over 35 years. From major industrial companies to financial services and start-ups, Bob has helped executives and their organizations with strategy development, operations optimization and organizational transformation. His unique broad set of experiences, combined with insight and perspective, help clients create astounding results.
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Recent Posts

Positioning Midstream companies for success

Companies that connect producers of hydrocarbons with refineries, petrochemical plants and other markets that comprise the Midstream segment are facing ever-increasing pressure to sustain their...

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The Three Steps to Creating Alignment

Alignment—or the state of being poised and committed to acting together and in concert—is ultimately what makes a difference to the performance of any team. It opens the door to collaboration,...

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The 3 Myths of Alignment

Alignment is one of those elusive and appealing states for business people. It sounds great; “If we were aligned, things would go much smoother.” “We used to be aligned, now it just seems...

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