JMW’s Consultants and clients share their thoughts on some of the challenges faced by today’s leaders.

Setting up your project for success

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Project Delivery and Partnership – Uncharted Territory

Imagine the following scenario. You’ve spent many months pulling together a clear, fully-vetted contract with detailed expectations and all terms have been cross-referenced by internal and...

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Launching a Project? That means you’re launching performance

Many capital projects, particularly in the infrastructure space, tend to start with some sort of launch session billed as a partnering session. It’s become accepted standard practice. And that...

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Project Performance Demystified: The Five Project Phases and How to Master Them

Have you ever wondered why there are times your management style works brilliantly—reliably delivering projects to plan—and other times it simply doesn’t? In this article, Elizabeth Dorey...

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Leading a Megaproject? Three Things to Know First

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Don’t Believe Everything You Sign: A contract doesn’t make a partnership

Every project starts with a contract. In far too many instances, it also starts with a myth about that contract. The myth is that a nice, dense document full of caveats will cover every possible...

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About That Fine Print: The Hidden Context of Best Practice

One of the strengths of the project management community is that project teams consistently look at their history and draw conclusions about how to do things better the next time around – avoiding...

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Making Big Things Happen: Four steps to taking on a complex challenge

The bigger an idea is, the tougher it can be to see it through. That’s because huge undertakings are complicated: they have lots of moving parts and involve lots of people and they demand strong...

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Project Performance: The Missing Conversation

I was leading a session for about 100 people recently and when it was time for the first coffee break, I asked everyone to be back in their chairs in 15 minutes. But it was at least 20 minutes before...

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