JMW’s Consultants and clients share their thoughts on some of the challenges faced by today’s leaders.

IT Unleashed: The CIO Call to Action

The unprecedented volatility of today’s global marketplace has put CIOs and their organizations in the eye of a never-ending storm. Business success increasingly depends upon effective IT...

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Water Under Fire: Lessons from a Crisis Down Under

One of the toughest environments for high performance is a dynamic environment, with constantly shifting circumstances and competing pressures to perform. In industries such as the water sector, it...

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State-Owned Enterprises Under Pressure: Leading to Transformation

There was a time when tough market pressures to perform and deliver results were a hallmark of privately owned businesses. We have reflected on this in recent years, as some of the most daunting...

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Alliance Competence: Key Capabilities for Success

The formulation of alliances and partnerships is a global trend that is growing at an exponential rate. In the United States, alliances now account for 18% of the revenue of Fortune 1,000...

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The Reluctant Leader

Originally published in European CEO magazine

What is a reluctant leader?

The concept emerges from a set of realities - chief among them, a growing leadership gap. According to a recent study of...

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Radical Listening: Less Talk, More Leadership

If you are a business leader who needs to influence  a broad and diverse set of stakeholders, consider this: The way you listen is just as important  as the way you speak, perhaps even more so....

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Leaders are Born, Not Made . . . and Other Popular Myths

The Leader of the FutureLeadership in today’s marketplaces is perhaps more challenging than it has ever been. Today’s executives manage a complex mix of...

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Cooperation Can Be Bought, but Collaboration is Priceless

What is priceless about collaboration – and why are people talking about it?

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Collaboration: No Payment Required

When you consider monumental achievements in which people have come together in an unprecedented way, one common thread is that it didn’t happen because they were paid to come together. It happened...

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Practice Makes Perfect

You and I know we should eat well, exercise regularly and floss daily. The information about the practices that support a healthy and rounded life is well known and easily accessible....

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