JMW’s Consultants and clients share their thoughts on some of the challenges faced by today’s leaders.

Project Performance: The Missing Conversation

I was leading a session for about 100 people recently and when it was time for the first coffee break, I asked everyone to be back in their chairs in 15 minutes. But it was at least 20 minutes before...

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Nothing’s Proprietary, Anything’s Preventable: Safety Culture

I’ve been working with a group of people who are literally in the trenches, constructing a multi-billion-dollar mine in a rural Canadian province. The massive project is run by a leading global...

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The Three Steps to Creating Alignment

Alignment—or the state of being poised and committed to acting together and in concert—is ultimately what makes a difference to the performance of any team. It opens the door to collaboration,...

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IT Unleashed: The CIO Call to Action

The unprecedented volatility of today’s global marketplace has put CIOs and their organizations in the eye of a never-ending storm. Business success increasingly depends upon effective IT...

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Water Under Fire: Lessons from a Crisis Down Under

One of the toughest environments for high performance is a dynamic environment, with constantly shifting circumstances and competing pressures to perform. In industries such as the water sector, it...

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State-Owned Enterprises Under Pressure: Leading to Transformation

There was a time when tough market pressures to perform and deliver results were a hallmark of privately owned businesses. We have reflected on this in recent years, as some of the most daunting...

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Alliance Competence: Key Capabilities for Success

The formulation of alliances and partnerships is a global trend that is growing at an exponential rate. In the United States, alliances now account for 18% of the revenue of Fortune 1,000...

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The Reluctant Leader

Originally published in European CEO magazine

What is a reluctant leader?

The concept emerges from a set of realities - chief among them, a growing leadership gap. According to a recent study of...

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Radical Listening: Less Talk, More Leadership

If you are a business leader who needs to influence  a broad and diverse set of stakeholders, consider this: The way you listen is just as important  as the way you speak, perhaps even more so....

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Leaders are Born, Not Made . . . and Other Popular Myths

Leadership in today’s marketplaces is perhaps more challenging than it has ever been. Today’s executives manage a complex mix of accountabilities from operations to finance to personnel – as well...

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