JMW’s Consultants and clients share their thoughts on some of the challenges faced by today’s leaders.

Setting up your project for success

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How to stay out of your own way as you produce more and stress less

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Talking Leadership

Kerri Andrews-Smith, Territory General Manager, Southeast Region, Baker Concrete Construction, shares her views on leadership and the impact of the Being a Leader & the Effective Exercise of...

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Being “Fit for Risk”

When business leaders speak about risk, the conversation inevitably focuses on how to avoid as much of it as possible. This gives rise to countless ways of measuring, prioritizing, and mitigating...

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Don’t worry, be productive! How to stay on track for more power, freedom, and peace of mind

If you’ve been reading my blogs and you’ve been engaging in some new ways of running your life and deciding what you’re doing (or not) and when you may be noticing some benefits. As you’ve shifted...

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How are you? Busy, right?

What do you say when you run into people and they ask, “How are you?”?  Do you tend to have responses like “Busy!”…“Swamped!”…or “Exhausted!” Or are you thinking those things but vocalizing...

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Tackling a Big Water Challenge? Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

How your focus on the future can help you deliver real-time results

In his recent interview with Water Online, American Water Works Association (AWWA) President David Rager emphasized the...

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Three pro tips to up your team’s game

The people who read blogs like this tend to be engaged, successful leaders who regularly go after bold aspirations, objectives, and targets. I’m all about that, and all about not stopping there....

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The Route to Real Engagement

I once had the privilege of working with Dan Yankelovich, acclaimed social scientist and father of modern opinion polling and market research, to collaborate with a shared client who had become...

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Don’t take on the world – Take on what matters most

One of the things about being busy and successful is that while achieving success can often lead to even greater success, being busy can also lead to even more busyness. The more you triumph in...

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